Best of 2014- Introduction

I wrote in pretty good detail this year about what music has meant to me in my short 30 years. It was often hastily written, and served more of a documentary purpose than anything, but it helped me develop my thoughts about what it is I like and why it is I listen. I listen because music, more than any other art form, WORKS for me. It makes me feel stuff. I can appreciate the craft of a book, or a movie, or a painting, but too high of a percentage of the time that appreciation is consciously put together by the thinking part of my brain. It requires words like "appreciate" and "interesting". A critical eye based on understanding of the medium, the artist, the time. And then, after all those things, a gut positive or negative feeling (if I'm lucky).

Music can fall into all the same traps, but the difference is that the gut feeling comes FIRST. And for whatever reason, that makes all the difference to me. 

2014 was a musical year of infatuations. Some faded as the year went on, and some got stronger. I listened to 230 albums, which is more than previous years, and helped myself out along the way by adding 8 albums a month to my final list. What I've got here are 100 albums- my favorites of the year. I know I missed stuff. Some of it I just didn't bother to check out. Some I checked out once and never felt like picking back up. Much more than trying to actually seek out "the best" by any critical standard, I'm expanding outward from what I know and using that as a reference point. It could be that in another 5 years I'll be so sick of moderately electronic / pleasant / indie / folk / country that my tastes (and therefore the list) will change entirely, but for now the genres that overwhelmingly comprise the list should not be a surprise to you. 

I got most of the way into writing a long diatribe about why YOU should care, and why YOU should look for new music and blah blah blah, but I'm glad I didn't finish it. I don't care, I'm doing this for me. 

So I guess just dive on in, if you want.