Best of 2015: 100-91

-100: Sam Cohen- Cool It

Some poppy lightly psych stuff from the Yellowbirds frontman. Finds some grooves and doesn't dissapoint. 

-99: Destroyer- Poison Season

I still haven't found my way into Dan Bejar's voice. No denying this is some master songwriting, but it occupies a mood I still haven't unlocked. Worth a listen. 

-98: Ghost Culture- Ghost Culture

A bit "house"y at times, but there are hooks too. Reminds me of a more electronic Real Tuesday Weld. 

-97: Punch Brothers- The Phosphorescent Blues

It's not as classically tinged as my least favorite of theirs but not as bluegrass as my favorite. It is mellow and always interesting. 

-96: Cavanaugh- Time & Materials

Side project of art-rap wizards Open Mike Eagle and Serenghetti. It grooves without being dancable, and is off kilter without being abrasive. 

-95: Daniel Bachman- River

Solo guitar picking reminiscent of William Tyler but a little rougher around the edges (and more traditional at the same time). 

-94: Elvis Perkins- I, Aubade

Not going to be a surprise if you've listened to his other work- quirky, surprising folk that is honest and fun at the same time.

-93: Scallops Hotel- Plain Speaking

More stuff from Milo- sparse philosophical spoken word hip hop, a little less forced than previous efforts and more spacey. 

-92: Beach House- Thank Your Lucky Stars

The more grounded of the two Beach House releases this year- I still don't find enough substance to listen to it frequently but when you want chill synth this is as good as it gets. 

-91: Beirut- No No No

Every bit as pleasant as expected with their track record. Missing emotional hooks for me, but you can do a lot worse.