Best of 2015: 30-21

-30: Lone Bellow- Then Came The Morning

These guys are expanding on their big harmony gospel folk, with more consistency than last time and a more succesful representation of their amazing live show.

-29: Gun Outfit- Dream All Over

I think my favorite release this year from the seemingly unstoppable Paradise of Bachelors label- this occupies the same sonic zones as Yo La Tengo, but rootsier and more serious. 

-28: Mikal Cronin - mciii

This guy is 3 for 3. Melodic power pop that has just enough bite to keep you awake, but doesn't devolve into fuzz. I also enjoy the fuller background instrumentation. 

-27: Protomartyr- The Agent Intellect

Perfect post-punk that doesn't sacrifice the feeling. LIke their last album, it's the most serious thing in the world but still oddly warm at times. 

-26: Jose Gonzales- Vestiges and Claws

Achieves the sleepy but intricate tone of some of the best of The Books instrumentation. It's chill, but not put you to sleep chill. This is really great. 

-25: Natalie Prass- Natalie Prass

A likeminded release from Matthew E. White's Spacebomb Records, this is some really smooth full band classic heartbreak stuff. Opening track mesmerizes me, but the lush production and her unique voice go so well together.

-24: Oddisee- The Good Fight

Fantastic indie hip-hop with a solid aesthetic and rhymes for days.

-23: Roadside Graves- Acne/Ears

Rollicking underdog americana reminiscent of early Strand of Oaks at times but with a little more roots and a little less ballad. Lots of different kinds of songs, but still works great as a complete album.

-22: Phil Cook- Southland Mission

The jammiest thing I'll like this year probalby, but this is feel good choogling. It almost has a gospel bluegrass feel to it in a lot of ways, but I think the best Americana can be described that way.

-21: California X- Nights In The Dark

Cathartic, fun rock and roll.  Reminiscent of Japandroids with some of the fun of Diarrhea Planet. Makes me want to grow my hair long and get back out in the garage with the boys.