Best of 2015: 60-51

-60: Desaparecidos- Payola

This is a full album screed about the financial collapse from Conor Oberst and company that exudes passion and meaning in every song. I'm not sure anyone "means it" more than this. YOU CAN'T STOP US- WE ARE ANONYMOUS

-59: Benjamin Clementine- At Least For Now

This came kind of out of left field for me, but it's gorgeous. A warble reminiscent of NIna Simone or Antony Hegarty, and songwriting out of the theater or opera almost. In the right mood, this is perfection. At least give this song a go. 

-58: Promised Land Sound- For Use and Delight

Some jangly kinda Dylany that keeps from getting too heavy, despite the fact that every song has it's psych roots show through at some point.

-57: Courtney Barnett- Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit

A killer debut full-length from Australia's latest and greatest slacker songwriter.

-56: Circe (Soundtrack)

Georg and Orri from Sigur Ros involved in the composition, and it shows. Really pleasant but not boring instrumental stuff scoring a documentary about a travelling circus.

-55: Jason Isbell- Something More Than Free

His previous album made waves that would be hard to top, but this is a proper followup, and more even I think. Plaintive alt-country storytelling about personal struggle and real life. 

-54: Car Seat Headrest- Teens of Style

Straddles the line between being "lo-fi" and just having some unique vocal production. Fits in with the scrappy Japandroids / Cloud Nothings / Wavves rock vibe that I continue to enjoy when done well. 

-53: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper- After

Aptly titled followup to a super strong debut, with more maturity and consistency. Explosive at times, but only when necessary. 

-52: Twin Shadow- Eclipse

I pay this the highest compliment I can which is that a few of these songs wouldn't be out of place on Andrew W.K.'s "The Wolf". 80's balladeering without being campy, big production and very smooth. 

-51: Tallest Man On Earth- Dark Bird Is Home

I don't know if phrases like "Swedish Bob Dylan" are still being thrown around, but Kristian Matsson continues to grow as a songwriter. This album is slightly more uplifting (and lush, with more backup instrumentation) than past efforts, but not much is lost in that.  Still a hell of a songwriter.