Best of 2015: 80-71

-80: Bill Fay- Who Is The Sender?

Beautiful, slow piano ballads from an old British songwriter. Not a type of thing I expected to enjoy but it felt unique to me.

-79: El Vy- Return To The Moon

National/Meonomena side project that has some bright shining moments and some so-so ones, but if you like both (or either) of those groups worth a listen. 

-78: Chris Walla- Tape Loops

Apt album title from former Death Cab guitarist- repetitive looping passages ala William Basinski that I can listen to all day. 

-77: Bully- Feels Like

Raucous rock that could still be kind of sweet at times. 

-76: The Weather Station- Loyalty

Often somber, always simple folk songs that don't really come to a head but don't always need to. 

-75: Wilco- Star Wars

Falls somewhere in the middle of their (impressive) discography for me- tighter and more focused than Tweedy's solo stuff last year and as always a great listen, but a little angular for me. 

-74: Drenge- Undertow

Along with Protomartyr and Ought, part of a new class of post-punk that doesn't sacrifice the feeling for the sneer. 

-73: Amason- Sky City

Swedish pop, and guess what, it feels like Abba sometimes. Doesn't mean it isn't great. Lively and breezy at the same time, like Pure Bathing Culture.

-72: Dan Deacon- Gliss Riffer

Doesn't reach the cinematic swelling highs of "America", but also is a less intense listen overall while still mantaining its frenetic drive and nervous energy.

-71: Inventions- Maze of Woods

More experimental but kind of cold instrumental electronica from the EITS / Elluvium side project. Good for headphones during work.