Best of 2016: 50-41

-50: Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love

This is a bizarre, out-of-left-field funk album that definitely took a few listens to come to terms with, but it is smooth despite being weird as hell. 

-49: Hinds - Leave Me Alone

Caution-to-the-wind fun rock and roll out of Spain.

-48: Pinkshinyultrablast - Grandfeathered

While I truly do hate the name of this band, it kind of fits their explosive, sunny blasts of sound. Everything kind of blends together into a wall, but it makes it easy to get lost in. 

-47: Kacy and Clayton - Strange Country

This is a twangy duo with songs that more often than not stay within the lines but the few times they don't really excel. Love the opening track.

-46: Mount Moriah - How To Dance

Cathartic, defiant country rock out of North Carolina. No duds on the album, but a few real standouts. 

-45: Diiv - Is The Is Are

I used to find these guys too boring in their dreaminess, but this is focused and energetic, despite being very very long. 

-44: Eluvium - False Readings On

Staticy looping electronica that remains somewhat organic and creates mood with purpose. This provided me with some clarity of mind this year. 

-43: Wilco - Schmilco

A lot of people loved "Star Wars", but this is my favorite Wilco album in a long time. I think I just prefer the downtempo more than the fuzz- but this isn't dour downtempo, just mellow and comfortable.

-42: Omni - Deluxe

Post-punk that never gets too down. Best song about earrings this year.  

-41: M. Ward - More Rain

This isn't breaking any incredible new ground, but it's nice enough. Heck, more than just nice enough, its NICE!