Best of 2016: 100-91

-100: Weyes Blood - Front Row Seat To Earth

This is some modern day Joni Mitchell type business. 

-99: Brent Cobb - Shine On Rainy Day

This was some straight up country-ass country, but hey man it beats anything on country radio.

-98: Quilt - Plaza

This feels like kind of 70's psych/americana crossover type album. The clarity of the vocals and sharpness of the guitars keeps me from fading into the wash of the background.

-97: Lori McKenna - The Bird and the Rifle

Another new-to-me but been-around-forever country singer songwriter with a knack for melody and songwriting. 

-96: Deerhoof - The Magic

This is angular and experimental but retains a semblance of structure and pop sensibility that kept me hanging on. I prefer the female-fronted tracks.

-95: Steve Mason - Meet The Humans

More sunny indie pop from the Beta Band dude. 

-94: Dylan Leblanc - Cautionary Tale

Soft-spoken folk-country with a kind of depressed tone but very pretty.