Buh Log

The key to success

might be figuring out what you're good at, and not wasting time with the rest, but the key to happiness is knowing how to enjoy the things you aren't good at.

Naked Gun

Leslie Nielsen died a few months ago, and I started trying to write a post about how great he was that ended up stalling out any posting since then. And then tonight I watched Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad, and it shook me out of my insanity.  And I'll say this about Naked Gun- it's very nearly the best of the kind of thing that it is. I'd recommend that you sit down with some good friends as soon as possible, pop in a good Leslie Nielsen movie, and pay close attention, because the best stuff isn't well telegraphed and it can pass you by if you aren't careful. Preferably Airplane!, Naked Gun I or II, or if you're lucky, the 6 episodes of Police Squad! that the Naked Gun Movies were based on. If you've seen (and liked) all of those, give Spy Hard or Wrongfully Accused a try. Don't watch anything that came out later than Wrongfully Accused.   Yeah, the genre got saturated, and there are a lot of bad ones out there. But the reason that happened is because these couple of movies are truly great. And the fact that they stand out so far from the rest are a testament to the creative minds and enthusiasm that the writers and actors (especially Mr. Nielsen, RIP) put into making something zany that hadn't really been done before and gave so many people such a good laugh. 

Stop it, Santa!

Leslie Nielsen is dead. I'm processing my thoughts and will come to some sort of conclusion later.

I don't specifically have a problem with Christmas movies, even if they go to some pretty hokey lengths to instill some sort of holiday spirit in us. And sure, they usually work on some level. But I do NOT especially like movies where the conclusion is that Santa Claus exists, and the movie ends with all of the adults who didn't believe realizing that they had lost their Christmas spirit. The reason the adults in the stories don't believe in Santa is because they have been buying gifts for their children every year and no extra gifts have been showing up. If they just "believed in Santa" their kids wouldn't get anything. And I'm aware that children may not care or even realize this fact, but it probably makes kids watching subconsciously think that adults grow up to be cynical and need to be shown the meaning of Christmas. Which may also be true. My point is, I don't get the Christmas spirit from movies that end with a real Santa Claus.
Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, maybe some other movies....you're on notice.

Good Advice

I like it when people say that they are a machine designed to be doing whatever it is they are doing. Like if you're kicking a lot of soccer goals, you might say, "I'm a goal-kicking machine!" to imply that "you might as well just remove your goalie, because I've been designed and programmed specifically to kick goals and I succeed every time". But you need to be careful if there is already a machine named after whatever it is you are doing. For example, you don't want to make a quilt and then walk into a room and say, "I'm a sewing machine." People will think you've lost it.

Hot & Sour

I hate writing this first thing every time. (Note: everytime is not a word, so don't try it) And really I hate myself for being the type of person who does this over and over again. I can't think of any more creative ways to re-start a blog because I've done it so many times. Probably half of the "personal blog" entries I've written in my lifetime have been of this nature. Now this new time feels cliche. I guess I must be destined to this infinite loop of apologetic fresh starts followed by lackluster content and eventual death. And you're here with me, so what does that mean?