Baby, Please Don't Go

It could be argued that the greater 75% of all recorded songs are essentially variations on the theme "Baby, please don't go". And yet, we do not tire of them, and we're never satisfied to the point where we don't try and write a better one. Everyone has a different way of saying it, feeling it, playing it, or screaming it. For this reason, I am aware of the daunting task we asked of you, fellow music fans. Not only to pick (JUST) one from the millions and say, "THIS IS THE ONE!", but to have to pour over your music library for songs that may have associations to memories you'd tried hard to forget in order to pick a champion. Whether your "Please don't go" was met with an "Ok, I won't" or not, it isn't a subject to take lightly and we appreciate your effort.

But I think we've emerged victorious here. Emily and I have spun the album around twice now, and we've got a really well layered and diverse mix. It doesn't crush the spirit, it isn't bitter or sad-sack. And as always, the album art is amazing, please don't forget to open it and admire Emily's handiwork. I want to let the music speak for itself, so I'll end by nothing that two of you who made it a point to comment on the challenge of picking one from so many ended up with THE SAME SONG. This can be no coincidence, and in homage we have bookended the album with two different versions. So Bring It On Home (baby).

Link Removed: Ask me if you don't have it yet!

Disc One

  1. Sam Cooke: Bring it on home
  2. The XX: Heart Skipped a beat
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Modern Romance
  4. The Cure: Pictures of You
  5. Carole King: Goodbye don’t mean I’m gone
  6. Robyn: Dancing on my own
  7. Langhorne Slim: I love you, but goodbye
  8. Lee Fields & the Expressions: Honey Dove
  9. Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Pardon my heart
  10. Songs: Ohia: Darling
  11. Ween: She wanted to leave

Disc two

  1.  Ryan Adams: Come pick me up
  2. O.V. Wright: That’s how strong my love is
  3. The Head & the Heart: Rivers & Roads
  4. Black Keys: Never give you up
  5. Will Oldham:  Little Boy Blue
  6. TV on the Radio: Will do (switch remix)
  7. The Decendents: Hope
  8. R.L. Burnside: Lost without your love
  9. Paul Simon: 50 ways to leave your lover (live)
  10. Sam Cooke: Bring it on home (live)



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