Clap Your Hands

I'll spare you the poetic wax here folks, I know some of us are trying to start our Labor Day road trips early and I think this should put a your step. Or something. I love this theme- I might have thought of it, I don't remember, but I think it's the first disc we've done that you could play for a stranger and they could figure out the theme. Most songs have copius claps in them, some have accompanying claps, some are ABOUT clapping, and Marcus's song has about 5 fast claps before the song starts and that's about it. See if you can tell which one that is... As always, the artwork done by my lovely wife is amazing and I hope you all take the time to savor it as you give this album a spin. Thanks, and see ya in the funny pages.

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  1. Clap your hands say yeah!: Clap your hands!
  2. Sigur Ros: Goobledigook 
  3. Ninjasonik: Somebody gonna get pregnant
  4. Beck: Where it’s at
  5. Yeasayer: Tightrope
  6. Gipsy Kings: Djobi djoba
  7. Oddisee: Claim to fame
  8. AWOLNATION: Guilty filthy soul
  9. Tom Waits: Clap hands
  10. The Cure: Close to me
  11. The Meters: Handclapping song
  12. Outkast: Idlewild blue
  13. The Shins: Kissing the lipless 
  14. Tinariwen: Cler Achel
  15. Boston: Foreplay/long time


  1. Lia Ices: Grown unknown
  2. Outkast: Hey ya! 
  3. Simon and Garfunkel: Cecilia
  4. The Cars: Since you’re gone
  5. Michael Jackson: PYT
  6. Yeasayer: Sunrise 
  7. Hall and Oates: Private eyes
  8. Pinback: Penelope
  9. Dr. Dog: Jackie wants a black eye
  10. Wiz Khalifa: Black and yellow
  11. Son House: John the revelator
  12. The Proclaimers: The joyful kilmarnock blues
  13. The Beach Boys: I get around
  14. Kanye West: Power
  15. Against Me!: Those anarcho punks are mysterious
  16. Wreckless Eric: Whole wide world

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