Apologies to everyone who thought for a minute that I wasn't going to publish the names. It was the only way to do it. I'd suggest giving the album a one time through, listening to every second of every song, thinking about the people who submitted them. Try not to look up the song names (in the artwork), because it will be impossible not to read ahead to see the trainwreck that is this album. I feel like I know you all so much better now, and I'm better for it. Without further ado...

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Track Listing

Disc One

  1. Jess Hoylman
  2. Kyle Roden
  3. Jason Henkleberry
  4. Ryan Stively
  5. Cory Friedman
  6. Emma Davis
  7. Ashley Edwards
  8. Kelly Noack
  9. Evan English
  10. Dave Golovin
  11. Lara Kobrin
  12. Noah Davis
  13. Becky Henkleberry
  14. Felix Rippel

Disc Two

  1. Emily Hensley
  2. Nate  Baker
  3. Rachelle Friedman
  4. Matt Hensley
  5. Zoe Dering
  6. Marcus Poppen
  7. Meg Marsh
  8. Cam Patterson
  9. Greg Noack
  10. Bjorn van der Voo
  11. Tim Rasmussen
  12. Kelsey Friedman
  13. Rochelle Williams
  14. Nathan Defrees



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