I submit to you, for your listening pleasure, a new mix of music. 20 great songs, plus an Eddie Murphy song! This album has everything...


Track Listing:

  1. Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face 
  2. Why Am I The One by fun.
  3. Ritual Union by Little Dragon
  4. True Affection by The Blow
  5. When I Was Young by Nada Surf
  6. The Keeper by Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers
  7. Pattern by Delay Trees
  8. Feeling Hope by Dropa
  9. Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy
  10. Morgan Freeman Swag by Small Professor
  11. Summer Holiday by Wild Nothing
  12. Human Cannonball by Butthole Surfers
  13. Booty Swing by Parov Stelar
  14. In a Circle Going Round by Old Man Markley
  15. Eyes Wide Open by Gotye
  16. We Forget Everything by Ryan Stively
  17. Down Along The Dixie Line by Gillian Welch
  18. No / Where by Graves
  19. The Dreamer by The Tallest Man On Earth
  20. Skinny Love by Bon Iver
  21. When I Was Younger by The Faces

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