PDX Airport, June 19 2014.

Now begins the longest travel day of my life. We arrived at PDX around 8am PST, and will land in Bangkok around 8am tomorrow, which is 10pm there. There is no way to prepare for a 14 hour time change, other than to be so exhausted that you can sleep until the time you are supposed to be waking up. We are going to fly backwards, from Vancouver BC, away from the sun until it gets dark and becomes tomorrow night. [brain explodes]

The last two months have been exhausting, with Emily and I both working more than normal, and playing as much as ever. She just wrapped up her second year teaching, and I've been pushing hard to try and get ahead on projects at work, especially in preparation for a summer that doesn't really slow down. It hasn't left a lot of time to take care of the little things, like our yard, or bigger things, like planning a 3 week trip to SE Asia. The biggest burden of planning has definitely fallen on her. I like to tell myself that this is how she would want it, but I know that's not exactly true. Either way, if it goes off without a hitch, she gets all the credit, and if there are things that weren't planned enough, I can take the blame.

Obviously, vacation mentality has not quite set in yet. Probably good to take inventory of the time that lead up to this in order to fully be able to escape from it.

I had an emotional goodbye with my cat. I have no idea if being away from us is hard for him, or if he even has the capacity to think about it the same way we do. I think the problem is that I assume he doesn't have the memory or logical skills to understand that this is something that happens and that we always come back, and that his life really isn't different whether we are there or not. But maybe he also doesn't even have the mental capacity to know we are gone, and just figures that he doesn't run into us as often as he usually does. Maybe he likes the quiet. Maybe he goes insane. Maybe he has a hard life. 

I don't have a hard life. I'm going to Thailand.

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