What I Been Up To

Recap since the last time I posted a blog-

I turfed out on Thailand blog, because I realized it was taking too much time and I wanted to be enjoying it. It was great. You can see all 700 photos on Flickr

Some other things that happened: Pickathon, a few weddings, Hood To Coast, Bumbershoot, a few shows here and there, and mostly just catching up with friends.

I spent a lot of September recapping my life through the music I listened to in preparation for my 30th birthday, and now you can see that all here

Last weekend I ran my second marathon in Boise and my legs are still sore.

There, we're caught up. 

Mostly I just wanted to update that I've still been adding 8 new albums per month to my Best of 2014. Here's a few that just went up:

  1. Bahamas- Bahamas is Afie. Amazing chillin folk rock. Saw this guy live last night and he destroyed. 
  2. King Tuff- Black Moon Spell. Probably the most purely "fun" album of the year so far?
  3. Hiss Golden Messenger- Lateness of Dancers. Kind of melancholy and unique songwriting but totally moving and beautiful folk. Captivating live.
  4. Zammuto- Anchor. Firmly establishing his place outside of the aftermath of The Books, kind of an organic / electronic funky jam. 

Great new stuff already out this month that I can't wait to put up as well from The Barr Brothers and Kevin Morby. Keep listening!


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