Ah yes, 1994. Kurt Cobain died before I ever had a chance to care about him. But another star was still shining- yes, of course I'm talking about Juice Newton. 

And I got her autograph. 

I think it was this year, memory is fuzzy and I'm not able to find anything online, but for some reason Juice Newton came to my hometown and played a show in the high school auditorium during Miner's Jubilee. I didn't know any of her songs, and just happened to go on a whim, so I don't really count it as my first concert, but it kind of was.  I could tell you two songs of hers right now, and both of them still stand up to this day. Of course, Shaggy sort of repopularized "Angel of the Morning", but I'll posit that "Playin with the Queen of Hearts" is nearly as good.

I don't mean to get sidetracked on Juice, since she was really a pretty inconsequential part of my year, but I thought it was a funny juxtaposition.

I mentioned it for '93, but this was a year (again, aside from Weird Al) where VH1 was really my source for all new music. Sure, at this point some kids were watching MTV and watching the downfall of grunge and the rise of 90's hip hop, but I was more comfortable (and more allowed) to wallow in the smooth sounds of Jon Secada, Sting, and Toni Braxton. I have pretty distinct memories of Saturday mornings spent watching the video countdown as a family, rooting for our songs to move up the charts.

I know I got two tapes for sure as a result of heavy VH1 play, because I'm looking at them right now:

Neither really stuck with me all that long, but I played the hell out of both of Etheridge's singles, and Hootie strung together a few deep cuts. Also all over VH1 at this time was Last Dance With Mary Jane (Tom Petty), All For Love (R. Stewart, Sting, and Bryan Adams), and "Because The Night" by 10,000 maniacs. 

I also started to shift away from country radio and prefer the sort of 80's 90's affair that was KUBQ (98.7) I think.

Most of my musical memories are of summer. Every summer at this age, my parents would get us a big inner tube that we could jump up and down on in the backyard. It sounds fun, I know, and it was! I spent hours out there as the radio played in the background. I remember really grooving out to early 90's remixes of "Lean on Me" and "Oh What A Night", as well as "Angel is a Centerfold" and most importantly:


But the real hallmark of 1994 was the Hensley family's entrance into the digital world. I don't know that it was really discussed as a family, but one day we went to radio shack and picked up a monstrosity of a stereo system- two floor speakers, reciever with tape players, turntable, and radio, and the real prize posession: our first cd player. 

Of course, you have to have a cd to play in a cd player, so I think we picked up a copy of CCR's greatest hits along with it. 

I remember my sister and I getting two cds in this year- TLC's "Crazysexycool" was probably more for her (although I LOVED waterfalls), but most importantly, 1994 was the summer of 

Such sweet pop nonsense. Can you hear it to this day and not have a smile on your face?

Up next in '95- I create a lot of radio tapes.

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