I was kind of dreading doing this one, and I put it off until the last second. Lucky for me, it's Saturday and nobody was paying attention anyway! 

It's sort of another year similar to the previous two, in which I get infatuated with radio singles that everyone knows and then move on. Not that interesting for the reader, or for me to recap.

The biggest musical event of 1996 for me was seeing Weird Al live- sort of a fitting way to cap off this period of my life. The show was fantastic, and set the bar high for future concert experiences. I bought a shirt, beginning the "band t-shirt" era of my life that lasted until about 12 years. Weird Al was still huge to me, but I was maturing and starting to learn what music was "cool" to like and what wasn't. And I was listening to the radio like crazy. 

Part of me feels like this is the end of this era of my life, at least musically. In 1997 my tastes go a bit bonkers as I try and re-establish my identity in 6th grade , and it only gets more intense and weirder until peaking in 1999 at musical rock bottom. That will be a fun one to get into.

This one isn't, so I'll leave you. These are the songs I remember most from 1996. 

Coming Up: 1997 Was An Amazing Year For Singles

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