I can not even wrap my head around how memorable the singles of 1997 are to me. I think I said in previous post that it was the "end of the radio singles" era of my life, or someting to that effect, but that is so incorrect. I had one or two set aside to mention here, but now I don't even know if I can pick which ones to talk about. I was 12/13 in 1997, which must be the key demographic for radio stations and music labels.  Every one of these songs reminds me of summer and being an early teenager and all of the great things that are associated with both. 

Two big musical milestones from this year:

Favorite song of my life to this point. Loved it from the first second I heard it, love it now (could be mostly nostalgia), probably the song I listened to more than any in the two year span following its release. The album was kind of a bust to me, as the single was a huge stylistic shift for them and the only song of its caliber on the album, but that didn't stop me from playing it through.  It was also a song that occupied the most spots on my radio cassette tapes. I'm sure there was a tape that had at LEAST 4 instances of it. I remember a trip my family took to the State Fair in Salem and then we carried on up to Seattle for a Mariners game. I spent the whole trip listening to this song on my tape, or listening to the radio hoping it would come on.

Here I am at the game, dressed head to toe in nike / mariners gear.

At this age, everything was heightened. Everything I loved this year I loved more than anything, and this song was no exception. 

I can't believe I have to move away from that now to talk about probably the biggest album of my life at this point, but that's how intense 1997 was.

Even if just the singles on this album were good, it would still be one of the hugest records of the 90's, but there is not a bad song on the album. I think it was the first album that spoke to me as a whole, as a work of art as opposed to just songs I was into. Kyle felt the same way, and this album would soundtrack our hangout sessions for years to come. I think it was his first concert. 

After years of listening to it, the singles are great but this stands out as the true winner. 

I'm not going to go into great detail, but I also had major affairs with these two albums:

Everclear was a signifyer of the beginning of my crossover into "alternative" rock, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones are a sign of things to come in a FEW years, when ska rules all. 

My sister also picked up a few cds that saved me the embarassment of having to buy- most notably by the Spice Girls, Savage Garden, and of course:

MMMmmm bop was the feel good hit of the year, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it made and still makes me feel good. Nathan tries to make up some story about how I thought they were girls and was attracted to them, but I need to stress again that that is insane and not true. Sorry, Nathan.

So those are the HUGE ones, but still, look at these songs I didn't even mention. 1997, you have my heart. 

Next Up- I mostly keep listening to the music from 1997. 

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