As this year's "100 albums" project goes ahead at full force, I was commenting to someone the other day on the unintended side effect of so many musical reference points for the past couple of years. If you, like me, find new songs and albums and infatuate yourself with them (and then move on), you likely can then use that music as a memory tool to transport you back to a place and time- for better or for worse. This thought was rolling around in my head last weekend, and I decided to sit down and try and at least come up with the super significant ones from my life and see how much I could remember. 

As it turns out, I could remember a lot.

In a little over 20 days, I'm going to be 30 years old.

That's a few decades of headphones, car stereos, walkmen, discmen, mp3s, radio tapes, cd wallets, live shows, music videos, guilty pleasures and life changing bands and songs. And each day until my 30th birthday, I'm going to look back on a year of my life through the lens of music I loved. No punches pulled, no embarrassments removed, no revisionist history to make myself seem cooler. Just the real tunes that soundtracked my life and essentially carried me through every iteration of my persona to the one that's writing this paragraph.  

Up tomorrow:  the 1990's start off with a bang, and I dig through my parents tape collection.

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